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Distilled Zinn

By the editors. The Progressive. March 2010.
"Howard Zinn wrote a column for The Progressive during the last twelve years of his life. In the March 2010 issue, the editors collected his wisdom from those columns. Here are a few bits."
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Memorial Day: honor those seeking peace

Article by Howard Zinn. The Progressive. May 2005.
"Another Memorial Day. Another war. Yes, let's honor those who died in the nation's many wars. But if we do not want to keep adding to the soldiers' graves, let's also ask why they died."
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The South Revisited

Article by Howard Zinn. The Nation. September 20, 1965.
Howard Zinn follows in the footsteps of another reporter, John Richard Dennett, who 100 years prior toured the post-bellum South for the Nation.
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Three Prisoners: The Petty Route Home

Article by Howard Zinn. The Nation. April 1, 1968.
Howard Zinn recounts the trip he and Dan Berrigan took to North Vietnam to receive the release of three captive fliers Maj. Norris Overly, Capt. John Black, and Lt. David Methany in Vietnam.
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The Wobbly Spirit

Book review by Howard Zinn. The Nation. April 5, 1965.
Howard Zinn reviews Rebel Voices: An 4n I.W.W. Anthology, edited by Joyce L. Kornbluh.
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