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1492-1992: The Legacy of Columbus

Talk by Howard Zinn. PM Press. 2011.
Howard Zinn returns to the themes he popularized in his masterful A People’s History of the United States—how we interpret history, and what that tells us about the struggles of the vast majority of folks typically written out of the narrative.
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War and Civil Disobedience

Talk by Howard Zinn.PM Press. 2010.
Delivered in the context of the current U.S. war in Iraq, Howard Zinn passes on stories of civil disobedience to the unjust wars of U.S. history.
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Stories Hollywood Never Tells

Talk by Howard Zinn. AK Press. 2001.
In this informal talk given at the Taos Film Festival, Howard Zinn turns his attention to Hollywood, the stories it tells, and the ones it doesn’t.
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