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Howard Zinn’s Review of Karl Marx: A Life

By Howard Zinn. Article - Review. In These Times. September 2000.
It takes some courage to write still another biography of Karl Marx, especially if the writer has dared to go through the 40 volumes of his writings and his correspondence. Francis Wheen seems to have done that research scrupulously, open to both colorful stories and thunderous ideas.

HREA Director Interviews Historian Howard Zinn

Howard Zinn interviewed by Felisa Tibbitts. Human Rights Education Association. January 5, 2005.
Historically, how do you think schools have served as a catalyst for social change and furthering the human rights movement?
Zinn: I think it works both ways. Students who learn in school about what is going on in the world are motivated to do something about it, to act on what they have learned. When I say it goes both ways, when you have students become active in human rights and feel that human rights has touched them personally, then they are likely to come back into the classroom and have the curriculum reflect their own consciousness.

Humpty Dumpty Will Fall

Article by Howard Zinn. The Progressive. August 2003.
" turns out that the war did not bring order to Iraq, but chaos, not crowds of cheering Iraqis, but widespread hostility. 'No to Saddam! No to Bush!' were the signs, as Iraqis contemplated their ruined historic treasures, their destroyed homes, and the graves of their dead — thousands and thousands of civilians and soldiers, with many more men, women, children wounded. And it goes on as I write this in mid-June — an ugly occupation. I see a headline: 'U.S. Troops Kill 70 in Iraqi Crackdown.'"

Impeachment by the People

Article by Howard Zinn. The Progressive. February 2007.
"Courage is in short supply in Washington, D.C. The realities of the Iraq War cry out for the overthrow of a government that is criminally responsible for death, mutilation, torture, humiliation, chaos. But all we hear in the nation’s capital, which is the source of those catastrophes, is a whimper from the Democratic Party, muttering and nattering about 'unity' and 'bipartisanship,' in a situation that calls for bold action to immediately reverse the present course."

Incident in Hattiesburg

Article by Howard Zinn. The Nation. May 18, 1964.
Howard Zinn recounts the beating of Oscar Chase, and advocates that "Something needs to be done; at last, about police and jail-house brutality in this country."

Interview with Howard Zinn

Interviewed by Amir Butler • Published at A True Word • October 28, 2002
Amir Butler talks to Professor Zinn about imperialism and the "War on Terror."

Is This Really a ‘Just War’?

Letter to the Editor by Howard Zinn regarding Richard Falk’s “Ends and Means: Defining a Just War” [Oct. 29]. The Nation. November 26, 2001.
"Four instances of violence come to my mind. One I read about in the newspapers; another I witnessed; in a third I was on the receiving end; in the fourth, the most brutal of them all, I was a perpetrator."

Kennedy: The Reluctant Emancipator

Article by Howard Zinn. The Nation. December 1, 1962.
"The dispatch of federal troops to Oxford, Mississippi, tends to obscure the true cautiousness of John F. Kennedy in the movement for Negro rights. Oxford diverted attention from Albany, Georgia. In the former, the national government moved boldly and with overwhelming force. In the latter, which twice this past year has been the scene of Negro demonstrations, mass arrests and official violence, the federal government, showed cautiousness to the point of timidity."

Kerry Needs the Courage to Walk Away from Iraq

By Howard Zinn. Article. Miami Herald, Sept. 16, 2004 and the Guardian, Sept. 17, 2004.
If John Kerry wants to win, he must recognize that our military intervention in Iraq is a disaster — for Americans, for Iraqis, for the world. He must stop boasting about his courage in Vietnam and instead start talking about his moral courage in opposing that war.
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