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Four Witness to a Mississippi Summer

Article by Howard Zinn. The Nation. December 28, 1964.
An introduction by Howard Zinn to a four-person account of a summer spent in Mississippi including William M. Kunstler (The Lawyer), Beverly Allen Asbury (The Minister), Richard J. Bernstein (The Educator), and Aaron O. Wells (The Doctor).
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Incident in Hattiesburg

Article by Howard Zinn. The Nation. May 18, 1964.
Howard Zinn recounts the beating of Oscar Chase, and advocates that "Something needs to be done; at last, about police and jail-house brutality in this country."
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Is This Really a ‘Just War’?

Letter to the Editor by Howard Zinn regarding Richard Falk’s “Ends and Means: Defining a Just War” [Oct. 29]. The Nation. November 26, 2001.
"Four instances of violence come to my mind. One I read about in the newspapers; another I witnessed; in a third I was on the receiving end; in the fourth, the most brutal of them all, I was a perpetrator."
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Kennedy: The Reluctant Emancipator

Article by Howard Zinn. The Nation. December 1, 1962.
"The dispatch of federal troops to Oxford, Mississippi, tends to obscure the true cautiousness of John F. Kennedy in the movement for Negro rights. Oxford diverted attention from Albany, Georgia. In the former, the national government moved boldly and with overwhelming force. In the latter, which twice this past year has been the scene of Negro demonstrations, mass arrests and official violence, the federal government, showed cautiousness to the point of timidity."
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A Big Government Bailout

Article by Howard Zinn. The Nation. October 27, 2008.
"It is sad to see both major parties agree to spend $700 billion of taxpayer money to bail out huge financial institutions that are notable for two characteristics: incompetence and greed."
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A People’s Constitution: Some Truths Are Not Self-Evident

Commentary by Howard Zinn. The Nation. August 1, 1987.
"The proper question, I believe, is not how good a document is or was the Constitution but, What effect does it have on the quality of our lives? And the answer to that, it seems to me, is, Very little. The Constitution makes promises it cannot by itself keep, and therefore deludes us into complacency about the rights we have."
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By Way of Amends

Letter to the editor by Howard Zinn. The Nation. November 13, 1972.
Zinn writes with information for readers to make contributions to victims of North Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.
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Democracy for Whom?

Book review by Howard Zinn. The Nation. February 25, 1960.
Howard Zinn reviews. Democracy in the Mid-Twentieth Century by William N. Chambers and Robert H. Salisbury.
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