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Zinn Remembers Whitney Young Jr. in "The Powerbroker"

Howard Zinn Remembers Whitney Young Jr.

Interview with Howard Zinn. Clip from The Powerbroker. 2013.
Whitney Young Jr. (July 31, 1921 – March 11, 1971) was a civil rights leader and head of the National Urban League. In this clip, Howard Zinn recalls working with Young on desegregation efforts in the South,
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Conversation: Howard Zinn and Woody Harrelson |

A Conversation: Howard Zinn and Woody Harrelson

Howard Zinn in conversation with Woody Harrelson. Deep Dish TV. October 2003.
In October 2003, months after the United States launched its brutal, criminal war on the people of Iraq, historian Howard Zinn sat down with actor Woody Harrelson for a provocative, humorous, wide ranging conversation.
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Howard Zinn's Emma |

Howard Zinn’s Emma

Play by Howard Zinn. Performed by Byrdcliffe Theatre. 2005.
Emma dramatizes the life of Emma Goldman, the famed anarchist, feminist, and free-spirited thinker who was exiled from the United States because of her outspoken views, including her opposition to World War I.
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Ludlow Massacre

Interview with Howard Zinn. Clip from Howard Zinn: You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train. First Run Features. 2004.
On April 20, 1914, the Colorado National Guard attacked a tent colony of 1,200 striking coal miners and their families in Ludlow, Colorado. Howard Zinn explains in this clip how he first learned of the Ludlow Massacre from a song by Woody Guthrie.
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