Howard Zinn on Obama

Interview with Howard Zinn. TV Without Borders (TVXS). May 30, 2009.
Recorded in Greece, Zinn talks about Obama and the presidency.

Howard Zinn on Race in America

Howard Zinn interviewed by BigThink. May 8, 2008.
Topic: Race in America
HOWARD ZINN: There are more openings in media and business and the professions for a certain number of Black people. But I speak about 10 or 20 percent. For the vast majority of Black people, their lives are still constricted by poverty and racism. The civil rights movement accomplished a good deal by beginning to remove some of the important social barriers. What it did not remove was the barrier of class, the barrier of economic injustice. Martin Luther King recognized this. That’s why toward the end of his life he began working for economic rights for Black people.

Howard Zinn on the Limitations of American History Books

Howard Zinn interviewed by BigThink. May 8, 2008.
"A more realistic and more truthful history would take a look at American foreign policy over the last several hundred years, really. It will take a look at American foreign policy and see it for what it has been–expansionist, violent and militaristic. In other words, it would be a history that would be honest in the way that we expect individuals to be honest about themselves and their past and to rectify their mistakes."

Howard Zinn on the World Today

Howard Zinn interviewed BigThink. May 8, 2008.
What is the state of the world today?
HOWARD ZINN: The world today, 2008, it’s trying to overcome American dominance in the world, trying to overcome the American military bullying that’s taking place here and there in the world, in Iraq and Afghanistan and military bases in a hundred countries.

Howard Zinn on U.S. Presidential Candidates

Howard Zinn interviewed BigThink. May 8, 2008.
Who do you endorse for President [in the 2008 U.S. election]?
HOWARD ZINN: Between Clinton and Obama, well both of them have promised to end the [Iraq] war, but I must say their proposals for bringing the troops out of Iraq are rather halfhearted and they talk about keeping troops there, or Barack Obama says, “Let’s take troops out of Iraq, send troops to Afghanistan.” Neither of them has shaken what Barack Obama rightly called the mindset that led to the Iraq war. The mindset is a mindset which sees war and military intervention as a solution. Neither of them has shaken that.
Zinn Remembers Whitney Young Jr. in "The Powerbroker"

Howard Zinn Remembers Whitney Young Jr.

Interview with Howard Zinn. Clip from The Powerbroker. 2013.
Whitney Young Jr. (July 31, 1921 – March 11, 1971) was a civil rights leader and head of the National Urban League. In this clip, Howard Zinn recalls working with Young on desegregation efforts in the South,
Howard Zinn's Emma |

Howard Zinn’s Emma

Play by Howard Zinn. Performed by Byrdcliffe Theatre. 2005.
Emma dramatizes the life of Emma Goldman, the famed anarchist, feminist, and free-spirited thinker who was exiled from the United States because of her outspoken views, including her opposition to World War I.
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