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Over 600 Gather for the Funeral of Legendary Anti-War Activist Philip Berrigan

Interviews at Event. Democracy Now! December 10, 2002.
"It may have been the largest gathering of ex-cons in the country. Over 600 people packed into the St. Peter Claver Catholic Church in Baltimore on Monday. It would have made the legendary anti-war and anti-nuclear activist Philip Berrigan proud. It was at his funeral. Today we will hear from historian Howard Zinn and Brendan Walsh of Baltimore Catholic speaking about Philip Berrigan."

Radical History: A Conversation with Howard Zinn

Howard Zinn interviewed by Harry Kreisler. Conversations with History. April 20, 2001.
KREISLER: Let's talk a little about your youth first and then talk about the other things. How specifically do you think your parents shaped your character?
ZINN: The only influence that had in my life was my observation of their lives. My observation that my father was working very hard, of honest hardworking men. My mother working very hard, raising four sons and yet, of course, they had nothing to show for it. That is, they were perfect counterpoints to the Horatio Alger myth that if you work hard in this country you will get somewhere. And I think that that intensified my feeling about the injustice of an economic system in which there are people all over the country like my parents who worked very, very hard had nothing to show for it.

Reflections On 9/11 and Beyond

Talk by Howard Zinn. Democracy Now! March 11, 2002.
"It is 27 degrees today outside in New York, a chilling reminder of the events of the day six months ago. ... we are going to give you a series of reflections, glimpses of reality since September 11th."

ReGENERATION Documentary

Interview with Howard Zinn. Clip from #ReGENERATION. Anonymous Content and Engine 7 Films. 2012.
#ReGENERATION is a documentary film that explores the galvanizing forces behind the Occupy Movement and the state of social activism in our society. The film takes an uncompromising look at the challenges facing today’s youth and young adults as they attempt to engage on a myriad of social and political issues that includes interviews with Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Adbusters’ Kalle Lasn, Andrew Bacevich, Talib Kweli, and many others.

Saying “No” to War

Event Broadcast. Democracy Now! • October 29, 2002.
ZINN: To go to war means that you do not consider the lives of other people as important as the live of people in your country. It means that you don't consider that the children of Iraq have an equal right to life as our children... It's important to confront that, and to confront other people with that.

Situation in Iraq

Interview with Howard Zinn. BookTV. Jan. 14, 2005.
On the Jan.14, 2005 episode of "Washington Journal," Mr. Zinn talked by video uplink from Boston about his views on the war in Iraq, politics and other topics in the news.

Talk at the History and Consequences of Anti-Communism Conference (1988)

This clip is from Howard Zinn’s opening talk at the 1988 international Conference “The History and Consequences of Anti-Communism” held in November 1988 at Harvard University. This talk became the basis for two articles, as Zinn notes in the introduction to “Where to Look for a Communist” in The Zinn Reader (p.…

The Camden 28 Retrospective: Zinn Recounts His Testimony

By Howard Zinn. Testimony. Clip from Camden 28 Reunion. May 4, 2002.
In this clip, Zinn recounts his role as an expert on civil disobedience in the trial of the Camden 28, as well other Vietnam war protesters. The civil disobedience by the Camden 28 is described on the Camden 28 film website as follows
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