Howard Zinn's Emma | HowardZinn.orgThe filmed stage performance of Howard Zinn’s play Emma is now available for rent or purchase.

Emma dramatizes the life of Emma Goldman, the famed anarchist, feminist, and free-spirited thinker who was exiled from the United States because of her outspoken views, including her opposition to World War I.

Filmed live in 2005 at the Byrdcliffe Theatre in Woodstock, New York, with Zinn in attendance, the play draws on Goldman’s influential autobiography, speeches, and political writings to trace her emergence as one of the foremost radical intellectuals and dissident activists in America in the early part of the 20th century. Emma shows us why Emma Goldman was not only a remarkable historical figure but a woman whose fierce wit and political courage continue to resonate today.Scenes from Howard Zinn's Emma |
This performance of Emma was directed by Bruce Grund, and filmed by Malachi Roth.

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Cast and Credits
  • Playwright: Howard Zinn
  • Director & Producer: Bruce Grund
  • Emma: Naomi Hard
  • Johann Most, Mr. Levine: Paco Francesco Serpico
  • Sasha (Alexander Berkman): Pablo Vazquez
  • Factory Worker, Anna Minkin, Alemda Sperry: Patricia Martin
  • Helena, Factory Worker: Alexandra Angeloch
  • Ben Reitman: Robert Burke Warren
  • Fedya: David Kraai
  • Mr. Vogel, Emma’s Father, Mr. Sachs, Frick, Attorney General Gregory: Dean Schambach
  • Vito, Frick’s Assistant, Hoover, Reporter: Joseph Bongiorno
  • Factory worker, Emma’s Mother, Prison Nurse: Abigail Robin
  • Police Officers: Ian Pallak Capone & Angel Maldonado
  • Off Stage Voices: Alexandra Angeloch, David Kraai, Ian Pallak Capone, Tad Wise, Paco Francesco Serpico
  • President McKinley’s Speech, Sentencing Judge: Tad Wise


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