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Launch of the Howard Zinn Audio Visual Timeline

To celebrate #HowardZinn100, we present the Howard Zinn Audio Visual Timeline that features curated audio/visual materials that are in the Howard Zinn Digital Collection. Known for his compassion, social commentary, and humor, Zinn’s words and voice are to be experienced first hand.
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Howard Zinn and the United Freedom Front Sedition Trial

In the late 1980s, Howard Zinn took the stand in defense of the United Freedom Front during a record-breaking sedition trial in Massachusetts. Much like he did in other well-known defense cases, Zinn defended civil disobedience and direct action against forces that infringed upon civil liberties and democracy.
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New Howard Zinn Digital Collection Launches

The Howard Zinn Digital Collection allows visitors to sort by articles, books, essays, interviews, monographs, plays, speeches and talks from publishers, broadcasters, organizations, archives, libraries, and personal holdings. Visitors can further focus their search by time periods and format type. This interface provides historians, researchers, and activists a way to delve deeper into Zinn’s life’s work. For those new to Zinn’s work, this interface allows for people to explore the range of materials available.
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Bob Moses: A Life of Civil Rights Activism

Bob Moses, civil rights activist and founder of The Algebra Project, died on July 25, 2021. We pay tribute to Moses and share a collection of materials from the Howard Zinn’s papers and books that provide a look at Moses. We also share a video clip and transcript from the Martin Luther King Jr.: The Leader and the Legacy Forum (1986) where Moses and Zinn gave commentary on papers presented.
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Thank You, Transcribe Zinn Pilot Team!

In spring 2021, we piloted the Transcribe Zinn project with five volunteers. This team cleaned up rough transcriptions, reviewed, and provided feedback to shape the next phase. These transcriptions allow researchers, historians, and students to search through Zinn's audiovisual materials and make the materials more findable in searches.
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