Vietnam: The Logic of Withdrawal — Of the many books that challenged the Vietnam War, Howard Zinn’s stands out as one of the best—and most influential. It helped spark a national debate on the war. It includes a powerful speech written by Zinn that President Johnson should have given to lay out the case for ending the war. Includes an updated 2002 introduction by the author. [Publisher’s description.]

Published by Beacon Press, 1967; South End Press, 2002; Haymarket Books, 2013.

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Table of Contents

1. A Matter of Perspective • p. 1
2. The View from Afar: Japan • p. 9
3. A View from Within: The Negro • p. 19
4. The View from History: What Nation Can Be Trusted? • p. 28
5. The United States and Saigon: Reform or Revolution? • p. 37
6. Violence: The Moral Equation • p. 51
7. A Double Deception: The Problem of Aggression • p. 67
8. Munich, Dominos, and Containment • p. 83
9. Withdrawal • p. 105
10. A Speech for LBJ • p. 120
Index • p. 126

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