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Howard Zinn Revisited

Chris Fogler first heard Howard Zinn speak when she was a student at Saint Peter’s University in the late 1960s and where she now teaches. For the university's 150th anniversary, they printed a story in the PAVAN Magazine about Fogler's memories of the lessons Zinn taught.
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A Remembrance of Howard Zinn

Tribute to Howard Zinn By Sheila Wilensky
"I first encountered Howard Zinn in 1971, when I audited his Civil Liberties course at Boston University. One day he invited students to join him after class at a Vietnam protest on the Boston Common, and I went. Impressed with Zinn’s fervent belief in the power of ordinary people to change the world, I decided to become a high school social studies teacher."
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Purdue's Howard Zinn Memorial Research Award |

Zinn Memorial Research Award at Purdue University

Purdue University faculty has created a Howard Zinn Memorial Research Award Fund in American Studies to "support interdisciplinary American Studies research focusing on the ways in which forms of social, cultural, intellectual, and technoscientific expression circulate among, between, and beyond the geographical borders of the United States."
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“Howard Zinn, Our Favorite Teacher” Series — David Detmer

By David Detmer
"...his extraordinary gift for clear expression, perhaps the biggest factor leading to Zinn’s success as a teacher was his relaxed, friendly, good-humored, unthreatening manner. While he certainly offered a challenge to the beliefs of many of his students, which he accomplished by presenting ideas of deadly seriousness, he also did so with a light hand, and with plenty of wit and humor. He encouraged everyone, not only to participate in class discussions, but also to 'challenge authority' by disagreeing with him."
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“Howard Zinn, Our Favorite Teacher” Series

The "Howard Zinn, Our Favorite Teacher" Series collects stories from former students at Spelman College and Boston University about his role as a teacher. Here is one example, a story by Michael Stavros, Class of 1973. If you are a former student of Zinn, please contribute your story here.
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Shunning Howard Zinn’s History

One of my favorite Howard Zinn quotes: "The chief problem in historical honesty is not outright lying. It is omission or de-emphasis of important data. The definition of 'important', of course, depends on one's values."
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How lucky for Us All that Howard Zinn lived in Newton

By Susan Mirsky • Wicked Local Newton • Feb. 2, 2010 As my college professor in 1964, he supported the idea of individual responsibility for the actions of our government, and was an advocate for student activism. He was and still is a voice of hope and for the belief that people (not BIG people, ordinary people) acting together, could effect change.
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Remembering Howard Zinn

By Marian Wright Edelman • February 02, 2010
When Howard Zinn passed away on January 27 at age 87, the nation mourned the loss of a pioneering historian and social activist who revolutionized the way millions of Americans, especially young Americans, understand our shared history. His writings and work inspired millions of readers, but I was among the generations of students privileged to know him as a beloved teacher, mentor, and friend.
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