The People Speak in Chicago Schools

news_the-people-speak-chicago-schoolsDuring the 2011–2012 school year, the non-profit organization Voices of a People’s History ran a pilot project in Chicago to bring free educational resources, public performing arts programming, film screenings, and professional development workshops to educators and their students in Chicago area public schools and in community organizations. The Chicago Voices pilot launched in Fall 2011. The focus was to:

  • Provide 1,000 educators a free curriculum toolkit based on primary source historical documents and aligned with national teaching standards. The Chicago Voices Educators Toolkit includes The People Speak Extended Edition DVD, accompanying sourcebooks by Howard Zinn, teaching and viewing guides, lesson plans, a Chicago people’s history readings script, classroom video modules, and historical illustrations and graphics, all packaged in a cotton tote bag.
  • Provide public arts programming, including live performances with students and professional artists, as well as free community film screenings of The People Speak and discussions throughout the year.

The Chicago pilot project was inspired by the work of the Howard Zinn, who co-founded Voices and whose books were be part of the free toolkit provided to Chicago educators.

Here is some news coverage of the events:

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Photo/image: Matt Damon with TEAM Englewood Students. WBEZ/Natalie Moore.


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