Year: 1965

The South Revisited

Article by Howard Zinn. The Nation. September 20, 1965.
Howard Zinn follows in the footsteps of another reporter, John Richard Dennett, who 100 years prior toured the post-bellum South for the Nation.
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The Wobbly Spirit

Book review by Howard Zinn. The Nation. April 5, 1965.
Howard Zinn reviews Rebel Voices: An 4n I.W.W. Anthology, edited by Joyce L. Kornbluh.
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The New World: Fragments of the Old

Book review by Howard Zinn. The Nation. May 24, 1965.
Howard Zinn reviews The Founding of New Societies by Louis Hartz with contributions by Kenneth D. McRae, Richard M. Morse, Richard N. Rosecrance, and Leonald M. Thompson.
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