New Audio and Video Materials Available

We are pleased to share that is embarking on a long-term project to dig into the archives and bring Zinn’s own historical records to new audiences through digitization and transcription.

We begin with four new pieces. There are hundreds more! You can help prepare the transcripts for publishing. Learn more and sign up!

PBS’ History Detectives: Howard Zinn on the Lawrence Textile Strike

In this brief video clip from 2006, Zinn shares the social significance of the Lawrence Textile Strike of 1912.

WGBH: The First Amendment and A Free People (1970s)

“We’re in that sort of situation — where the moderate left has taken hold and the country is back on its usual and orthodox track, a track which usually leads to disaster — at such moments, left wing critics are generally shut out of the picture.”

Shall the House Committee on Un-American Activities Be Abolished?

On February 11, 1963, at Emory University, Howard Zinn participated in a debate with Fulton Lewis III, a journalist and member of the House Un-American Activities (HUAC) Committee on whether HUAC should be abolished.

Book TV: A People’s History of the United States

In 1999, Howard Zinn spoke at the San Francisco Bay Area Book Festival sharing what prompted him to write A People’s History of the United States.

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