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Shall the House Committee on Un-American Activities Be Abolished?

Howard Zinn debates Fulton Lewis III at Emory University. Opening remarks by Nancy Perkins. Howard Zinn Papers, Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives, New York University. February 11, 1963.
On February 11, 1963, at Emory University, Howard Zinn participated in a debate with Fulton Lewis III, a journalist and member of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), on whether HUAC should be abolished. Zinn noted this in his diary and the two-and-half hour event was recorded.
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The First Amendment and A Free People Radio Show

Howard Zinn interviewed by Bernard Rubin. WBGH Boston Open Vault. 1970s.
Bernard Rubin: What’s your definition of radical?
Howard Zinn: Somebody who wants to do something to make very fundamental changes in the distribution of wealth, in the distribution of political power, and in a kind of culture of violence and oppression in which we exist today. Race, sex, class oppression, something that fundamental. That’s what I mean, I guess.
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Manning Marable, Howard Zinn and Grace Paley Speak Out Against the March to War

Manning Marable, Howard Zinn, and Grace Paley interviewed by Amy Goodman. Democracy Now! September 13, 2001.
"Why can’t we take our cue from the rescue workers, from the compassion shown by the medical teams, the doctors and nurses and medical students, the firemen and policemen, whose thought—when they are taking care of these people and trying to find people and help them and cure them, their thought is not of retaliation. No, their thought is of human compassion and how to end the suffering."
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The Electoral College and Election 2000: A Historical Perspective from Howard Zinn

Howard Zinn interviewed by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Democracy Now! December 8, 2000.
"I mean, what’s astonishing, or maybe not so astonishing, is here over 200 years later, we are still operating with an undemocratic system of electing the president of the United States, a system which not only was flawed from the beginning by the requirements of the founding fathers, but had become more and more flawed as the election process has become dominated by two major parties, which monopolize the political arena, and dominated more and more by the fact that money decides who can reach the American people."
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