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Bob Moses and Howard Zinn at the Martin Luther King Jr.: The Leader and the Legacy Forum (1986)

On October 15, 1986, Robert “Bob” Moses and Howard Zinn joined a panel of scholars discussing Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and legacy in Washington, D.C. In discussing the Civil Rights Movement, Bob Moses offers the metaphor “Consider that the movement is an ocean of consciousness, protest, rebellion, organizing. . .and that the people in the movement are the waves on that ocean.”

“Secrecy, Archives, and the Public Interest”

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Howard Zinn (1922-2010), the Midwestern Archivist granted rights to publish “Secrecy, Archives, and the Public Interest" (1977). Influential still today, Zinn urges archivists to “One, engage in a campaign to open all government documents to the public. . . . And two, that they take the trouble to compile a whole new world of documentary material, about the lives, desires, needs, of ordinary people.”
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