Howard Zinn on Democratic Education


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Howard Zinn on Democratic Education describes what is missing from school textbooks and in classrooms—and how we move beyond these deficiencies to improve student education. Critical skills of citizenship are insufficiently developed in schools, according to Zinn. Textbooks and curricula must be changed to transcend the recitation of received wisdom too common today in our schools. In these respects, recent Bush Administration and educational policies of most previous presidents have been on the wrong track in meeting educational needs. This book seeks to redefine national goals at a time when public debates over education have never been more polarized—nor higher in public visibility and contentious debate. [Publisher’s description.]

Published by Paradigm Publishers, 2008.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Apparatus of Lies USA: Introduction Donaldo Macedo

Chapter 2: Schools and the Manufacture of Mass Deception: A Dialogue

Chapter 3: A People’s History of the United States

Chapter 4: How Free is Higher Education?

Chapter 5: Columbus and Western Civilization

Chapter 6: Grey Matters Interviews Howard Zinn

Chapter 7: Being Left: Growing Up Class-Conscious

Chapter 8: What Bush’s War on Terror is All About

Chapter 9: The Diverted Left

Chapter 10: A Campaign without Class

Chapter 11: Federal Bureau of Intimidation

Chapter 12: Why Students Should Study History: An Interview


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