“Political power,” says Howard Zinn, “is controlled by the corporate elite, and the arts are the locale for a kind of guerilla warfare in the sense that guerillas look for apertures and opportunities where they can have an effect.”

In Artists in Times of War, Zinn looks at the possibilities to create such apertures through art, film, activism, publishing, and through our everyday lives.

In this collection of four essays — three of which are previously unpublished — the author of A People’s History of the United States writes about why “to criticize the government is the highest act of patriotism.” [Publisher’s description.]

Published by Seven Stories Press, 2000.

Table of Contents

  • Artists in Times of War • Edited version of a talk given at Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA, Oct. 10, 2001 • p. 7
  • Emma Goldman, Anarchism, and War Resistance • Edited version of a speech given at Radcliff College, Cambridge, MA, Jan. 29, 2002 • p. 37
  • Stories Hollywood Never Tells • Edited version of a talk given at Taos Film Festival, Taos, NM, Apr. 17, 1999 • p. 63
  • Pamphleteering America • Edited and revised version of an essay originally published as introduction to Open Fire: The Open Magazine Pamphlet Series Anthology • p. 93
  • Notes • p. 109

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