Agitation with a Smile: New Book on Howard Zinn’s Legacy and Activism

agitationwithasmile9781612051826A new book is available that engage the various complexities and tensions present throughout Howard Zinn’s work and subject them to a 21st century assessment. It is edited by Stephen Bird, Adam Silver, and Joshua Yesnowitz.

Here is the publisher’s description:

Agitation with a Smile offers a reappraisal of Howard Zinn’s political thought and situates his efforts in a contemporary context, looking toward the nature of activism and dissent in the future. This is the first book to provide a substantive account and assessment of Zinn’s philosophy and approach to collective action and, to a larger extent, democracy.

The contributors to this book explore the most effective mechanisms by which to arouse public support for seemingly radical positions and how current technological advancements may alter our perception of Zinn’s activism. The book is a valuable guide to a new generation of activists and scholars of politics in gauging the lasting relevance and legacy of Zinn’s ideals, concepts, and methodology.

The text is neither fawning nor unduly critical, unlike many discussions of Zinn in popular culture. Rather, the contributors to this book engage the various complexities and tensions present throughout Zinn’s work and subject them to a twenty-first century assessment. This is a multi-disciplinary and international approach to Howard Zinn’s intellectual and activist canon.

Features of the text:

    • Offers an intrepid and comprehensive framework for understanding Zinn’s political philosophy and actions.
    • Explains the significance of Zinn’s research and actions in a changing world of political struggle.
    • Provides a valuable appraisal of Zinn’s political thought for a new generation of activists, scholars, and the engaged public.

Read more about the book at Paradigm Publishers.

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