Against Amnesia: The 2023 Howard Zinn Book Fair

The Howard Zinn Book Fair returned as an in-person event on Sunday, Dec. 3, at the City College of San Francisco, Mission Campus. The organizers describe this year’s theme as “Against Amnesia”:

Sessions in the struggle against the attacks on people’s history. Far-right projects such as book bans, so-called “anti-woke” campaigns, “don’t say gay” legislation, and the dismantling of Ethnic Studies serve to build a historical and political amnesia as our opponents work to warp our sense of the past and sabotage our ability to imagine a future of collective liberation. 

We are against amnesia. But what do we remember? What truths do we tell about past social movements that provide lessons for today’s organizers and activists? How will the work we are doing now be remembered in the future?

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Photos from the 2023 Book Fair

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