2019 Howard Zinn Book Fair

Graphic for 2019 Howard Zinn Book Fair

The 6th annual Howard Zinn Book Fair will take place Sunday, Dec. 8, at City College in San Francisco. This year’s theme is “Strike! Discovering Our Power.”

From the organizers:

We selected this theme to celebrate the ways in which everyday people discover their ability to work together. Inspired by the wave of strikes across the United States in the past year, the massive General Strikes in India, and the recent uprisings in Algeria and Sudan, we expand the idea of the strike to include all of the ways people can take collective action to preserve their homes, protect life on earth, respect indigeneity, shut down the machinery that produces racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and inequality, and build movements that are strong enough to last. The Strike! is not only about withdrawing our labor, but about redirecting it to create a better world.

The Howard Zinn Book Fair will host dozens of 90 minute session slots for workshops, readings, panels and performances.

Learn more at www.howardzinnbookfair.com.

Howard Zinn Book Fair Poster-2019

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