The 2010 Ridenhour Courage Prize Awarded to Howard Zinn

ridenhour-prizes-logo-w-icon-2On April 14, 2010, The Ridenhour Courage Prize was awarded posthumously to Howard Zinn “for his determination to showcase the hidden heroes of social movements throughout history, his refusal to accept the history of only the powerful and victorious, his steadfast belief in the potential for a better world, his unflinching moral stance on fighting whatever he perceived was wrong in society, his fight to inspire students to believe that together they could make democracy come alive, and, in the words of his former student Alice Walker, ‘his way with resistance.’”

On behalf of his father, Jeff Zinn accepted the award from the Nation Institute and the Fertel Foundation. Bernice Johnson Reagon, SNCC activist and founder of Sweet Honey in the Rock, spoke about the life and work of Howard Zinn as an historian and truth teller.

Hear Jeff Zinn’s talk and read the transcripts of both their presentations here.

The Nation Institute •  April 14, 2010

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