Year: 2002

What War Looks Like

Article by Howard Zinn. The Progressive. October 2002.
"What is missing is what an American war on Iraq will do to tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of ordinary human beings who are not concerned with geopolitics and military strategy, and who just want their children to live, to grow up. They are not concerned with 'national security' but with personal security, with food and shelter and medical care and peace."
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The Case Against War on Iraq

By Howard Zinn. Article. Boston Globe. August 19, 2002.
The Bush administration's plan for preemptive war against Iraq so flagrantly violates both international law and common morality that we need a real national debate. The discussion should begin with the recognition that an attack on Iraq would constitute an attack on the Charter of the United Nations, since the United States would then be in violation of several provisions...
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The Toll of War

Article by Howard Zinn. The Progressive. August 2002.
"Democracy flies out the window as soon as war comes along. So when officials in Washington talk about democracy, either here or abroad, as they take this country to war, they don't mean it. They don't want democracy; they want to run things themselves. They want to decide whether we go to war. They want to decide the lives and deaths of people in this country, and they certainly want to decide the lives and deaths of people in Iraq and all over the Middle East. Faced with this attitude, our job is just a simple one: to stop them."
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Dissent In Pursuit Of Equality, Life, Liberty And Happiness

Howard Zinn interviewed by Sharon Basco. July 3, 2002.
"When you say the country was founded by people who believed in dissent, well, they believed in their own right to dissent in the relationship with England. But it happens very often that people who believe in their own right to dissent, when they gain power they don't really accept the idea that other people have the right to dissent."
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A Break-in for Peace

Article by Howard Zinn. The Progressive. July 2002.
"In the film Ocean's 11, eleven skillful crooks embark on an ingenious plan, meticulously worked out, to break into an impossibly secure vault and make off with more than $100 million in Las Vegas casino loot. Hardly a crime of passion.... No, money was the motive, with as little moral fervor attending the crime as went into the making of the movie, which had the same motive. I was reminded of this recently when I sat in a courtroom in Camden, New Jersey, and participated in the recollection of another break-in, carried out by the Camden 28, where the motive was to protest the war in Vietnam."
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The People’s Historian: Howard Zinn

Howard Zinn interviewed by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Democracy Now! June 21, 2002.
More recently, he has been an outspoken critic of the so-called war on terrorism. This spring he published Terrorism and War, a book exploring the loss of civil liberties during war and the history of American resistance to wars from World War I to the war in Afghanistan.
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The Camden 28 Retrospective: Zinn Recounts His Testimony

By Howard Zinn. Testimony. Clip from Camden 28 Reunion. May 4, 2002.
In this clip, Zinn recounts his role as an expert on civil disobedience in the trial of the Camden 28, as well other Vietnam war protesters. The civil disobedience by the Camden 28 is described on the Camden 28 film website as follows
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Reflections On 9/11 and Beyond

Talk by Howard Zinn. Democracy Now! March 11, 2002.
"It is 27 degrees today outside in New York, a chilling reminder of the events of the day six months ago. ... we are going to give you a series of reflections, glimpses of reality since September 11th."
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Operation Enduring War

Article by Howard Zinn. The Progressive. March 2002.
"We are 'winning the war on terror.' I learn this from George Bush's State of the Union Address. 'Our progress," he said, 'is a tribute to the might of the United States military.' My hometown newspaper, The Boston Globe, is congratulatory: 'On the war front, the Administration has much to take pride in.' But the president also tells us that 'tens of thousands of trained terrorists are still at large.' That hardly suggests we are 'winning the war.'"
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