‘Je Ne Suis Pas Un Marxiste’

By Howard Zinn. Article. ZCommunications, June 1988; Failure to Quit, and excerpted from The Zinn Reader.
Howard Zinn writes: For a long time I thought that there were important and useful ideas in Marxist philosophy and political economy that should be protected from the self-righteous cries on the right that "Marxism is dead,” as well as from the arrogant assumptions of the commissars of various dictatorships that their monstrous regimes represented “Marxism.”

Ends and Means: History and Consequences of Anti-Communism

Howard Zinn interviewed by DeeDee Halleck. Institute for Media Analysis. 1988.
Howard Zinn discusses how the word communism (and Marxism) is used to obscure people’s attention, scapegoat people and movements, and how he prefers to get to the essence of where people stand on issues rather than using labels. Zinn heralds radicals as people we need to help achieve a more just world.

Talk at the History and Consequences of Anti-Communism Conference (1988)

This clip is from Howard Zinn’s opening talk at the 1988 international Conference “The History and Consequences of Anti-Communism” held in November 1988 at Harvard University. This talk became the basis for two articles, as Zinn notes in the introduction to “Where to Look for a Communist” in The Zinn Reader (p.…

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