Year: 1968

Three Prisoners: The Petty Route Home

Article by Howard Zinn. The Nation. April 1, 1968.
Howard Zinn recounts the trip he and Dan Berrigan took to North Vietnam to receive the release of three captive fliers Maj. Norris Overly, Capt. John Black, and Lt. David Methany in Vietnam.
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Disobedience and Democracy: Nine Fallacies on Law and Order

By Howard Zinn. Book - Essays. Vintage and Random House, 1968; South End Press, 2002; Haymarket Books, 2013.
Written in response to Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas' Concern Dissent and Civil Disobedience, Zinn lays out a clear and dynamic case for civil disobedience and protest, and challenges the dominant arguments against forms of protest that challenge the status quo.
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Letter to Grace Hoag (1968)

Letter to Grace Hoag | June 3, 1968

Howard Zinn letter to Grace Hoag. Hall-Hoag Collection, Brown University. June 3, 1968
In this letter dated June 3, 1968, Howard Zinn replies to an inquiry from Grace Hoag asking about the “communist manipulation of demonstrations.” Zinn defends the integrity of young people “who are too intelligent to be led astray.”
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