Honoring Howard Zinn: A Historian Who Made History

Noam Chomsky, noted author and philosopher, and Anthony Arnove, filmmaker and editor, spoke at SUNY-New Paltz, on Dec. 4, 2011 in tribute to the legacy and life’s work of Howard Zinn. This event was titled “Honoring Howard Zinn: A Historian Who Made History.” Presentations by Chomsky and Arnove considered Zinn’s leading role in promoting peace and social justice in the contemporary world. Read More

Educators and Activists Celebrate the Legacy of Howard Zinn and the Zinn Education Project

Collage: Howard Zinn Room Dedication, 2011 | Photos by Rick Reinhard and Jack GordonThere was a standing-room-only crowd at the new Busboys and Poets in Hyattsville, Md., for the special event on Sept. 21, 2011 to celebrate International Peace Day, dedicate the Zinn Room, and raise funds for the Zinn Education Project.

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The People Speak Actor Danny Glover to Receive the Debs Award

news_the-people-speak-actor-danny-glover-debs-awardDanny Glover, featured in the film The People Speak,  will receive the 2011 Eugene V. Debs Award. The Debs Foundation wrote:

As actor, producer, and humanitarian, Danny Glover has been a commanding presence on screen, stage, and television for more than 25 years. Add to that his participation in numerous marches and demonstrations in support of workers’ rights. His accomplishments in acting and directing have enhanced and enabled his community activism and advocacy for human rights, both in the U.S. and in Africa, with a particular emphasis on advocacy for economic justice and access to health care and education. Read More

Tip of the Cap to Howard Zinn from the New York Times’ Bob Herbert


Excerpted from the article “When Democracy Weakens” by Bob Herbert, published February 11, 2011

“The Egyptians want to establish a viable democracy, and that’s a long, hard road. Americans are in the mind-bogglingly self-destructive process of letting a real democracy slip away.

I had lunch with the historian Howard Zinn just a few weeks before he died in January 2010. He was chagrined about the state of affairs in the U.S. but not at all daunted. ‘If there is going to be change,’ he said, ‘real change, it will have to work its way from the bottom up, from the people themselves.’

I thought of that as I watched the coverage of the ecstatic celebrations in the streets of Cairo.”

Read the full article “When Democracy Weakens” at the New York Times.

Photo/image: Bob Herbert


Film Even the Rain/Tambien La Lluvia Dedicated to Howard Zinn

Film • Even the Rain cover imageSeptember 16, 2010—The writer and film maker Paul Laverty was asked recently why he and director Icíar Bollaín dedicated his new film “Even the Rain (Tambien La Lluvia),” set in Bolivia and starring Gael Garcia Bernal, to the historian Howard Zinn:

Over 25 years ago in Managua, Nicaragua, a close friend Myrna Santiago, who is now a brilliant history teacher in the Oakland area, gave me Howard’s book A Peoples History of the United States. It took my breath away. Little did I know that 15 years later we would become great friends. Read More

Review of The People Speak on BlogCritics


The People Speak represents an opportunity very few of us are given. Not only does it present aspects of history not everybody is familiar with, it brings it to life and makes it real. For too many people history has been confined to the pages of dusty books and boring classrooms – this represents a chance to see and hear it brought alive. We may not be able to travel back in time, but this DVD brings the past to us.”

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Celebrate the Life and Legacy of Howard Zinn: January 27


Don’t Mourn, Organize

Celebrate the remarkable life and legacy of Howard Zinn (August 24, 1922 – January 27, 2010) by organizing a community screening of The People Speak documentary or hosting a reading of Voices of a People’s History of the United States on or near the anniversary of his passing, January 27.

To read more about hosting a reading of Voices of a People’s History of the United States, visit Voices of a People’s History.


Audio of “Sprouts” (Pacifica Radio) Tribute to Howard Zinn Available Online

sprouts_logo“This week’s Sprouts is a special tribute to the people’s historian Howard Zinn who passed away one year ago, January 27, 2010, at age 87. The tribute, narrated by host Brian Jones, includes selections from Zinn’s acclaimed documentary The People Speak, and live readings of his book Voices of a People’s History of the United States. Readers include Wallace Shawn reading a riveting speech by Howard Zinn on civil disobedience from 1970, Danny Glover reading Frederick Douglass’s remarkable speech on the meaning of Fourth of July to a former slave, Christina Kirk reading Susan B. Anthony’s defiant words at her 1872 trial for knowingly voting without having a lawful right to vote, with Josh Brolin as the judge, and Howard Zinn himself discussing his vision of social change.”

Download audio from Pacifica Audioport.


Busboys & Poets Plans Two Community Screenings of the The People Speak

peoplespeak_dvdDon’t Mourn, Organize!

Celebrate the remarkable life and legacy of Howard Zinn (August 24, 1922 – January 27, 2010) by attending this community screening of Zinn’s The People Speak documentary on the anniversary of his passing. This event is free and open to the public.

Remembering Howard Zinn

Thursday, January 275th & K Streets, 6:30pm

Sunday, January 30Shirlington, 7:00pm

The NYT Magazine Slights Howard Zinn in Its Farewell to 2010

Howard Zinn • Photographer unknown
By Matthew Rothschild from The Progressive, December 27, 2010

I picked up my Sunday Times yesterday morning and saw that the magazine section was doing its annual obituary section, “The Lives They Lived.”

I expected to find Howard Zinn in there, one of the most towering leftwing intellectuals in America of the last 50 years.

But he was nowhere in sight.

The editors did manage to find room to salute Prescott Sheldon Bush Jr., brother of George the First.

They did manage to find room to salute Dodge Morgan, who went around the world in 150 days.

And they lavished six pages on George Steinbrenner!

But not a word on Howard Zinn. Read More

A People’s History on Manning’s Prison Reading List

Bradley Manning  • WikiCommonsBradley Manning, who allegedly leaked hundreds of thousands of secret government documents to Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks, turns 23 in jail Friday. The Daily Beast’s Denver Nicks, in an exclusive interview with Manning’s attorney, reports on his solitary confinement, what he’s reading (from George W. Bush to Howard Zinn), and his legal strategy.

Continue reading “Bradley Manning’s Life Behind Bars” by Denver Nicks.

Update: In August, 2013, Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison. In his statement, Manning wrote: Read More

The People Speak: Music and DVD

peoplespeak_dvd_cdUsing dramatic and musical performances of the letters, diaries and speeches of everyday Americans, The People Speak focuses on the concept of democracy based on the lives and experiences of ordinary Americans who, through their words and actions, changed the course of history. Narrated by Howard Zinn and based on his bestselling book, A People’s History of the United States, and Voices of a People’s History, this groundbreaking documentary film illustrates the relevance of these passionate historical moments to our society today, reminding us that democracy is not a spectator sport and to never take liberty for granted. Read More

Special Screening of The People Speak at BAM, November 4

Speak 13 388

November 4, 2010

BAM, Brooklyn, NY
7 pm screening. Q&A to follow.


Directed by Howard Zinn, Chris Moore and Anthony Arnove.

A special screening with Josh Brolin, Staceyann Chin, David Strathairn, Allison Moorer, and other special guests.

Click here to view photos of the screening. Read More

Howard Zinn’s The People Speak, Live! in New York, December 12


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Levi’s Workshop
18 Wooster Street
New York, NY 10013


Please join The People Speak for a special live performance and slideshow of historical photographs from the Library of Congress digital collections. The evening will feature special guests bringing to life voices – famous and forgotten – from the many movements for civil rights throughout U.S. history. Read More

The People Speak in Britain

The People Speak is a unique celebration of British history. Through live performances and readings, The People Speak will highlight significant moments in our history where people have spoken out for change. Taking part in the event are some of the U.K.’s leading actors and musicians. Read More

The Howard Zinn Lecture Series at Boston University, Featuring Bill Moyers


“Welcome to the Plutocracy”


Enjoy an illuminating presentation, in memory of Howard Zinn, by veteran broadcast journalist and political commentator Bill Moyers. Moyers has been recognized, during his forty-year career, as one of the unique voices of his generation.

The lecture will be held Friday, October 29, 2010 at 7 p.m. in the Metcalf Ballroom in the George Sherman Union.

More Information | Video of Event | Transcript

Photo/image: Bill Moyers


Release of Howard Zinn’s Decades Long FBI File

Howard Zinn's FBI File
In July 2010, the FBI released a 243-page file on Howard Zinn. The release describes the historian as “radical.” The documents show the bureau taking an active interest in Zinn since the late 1940s, when he was a student at New York University. The interest continued through the 1950s, as Zinn worked on his PhD at Columbia University. When the FBI again took an interest in Zinn in the 1960s, documents show the bureau evidently tried to have the historian fired from his job as professor at Boston University.

Continue reading on Alternet.

Read more about the release of the files on:


The 2010 Ridenhour Courage Prize Awarded to Howard Zinn

ridenhour-prizes-logo-w-icon-2On April 14, 2010, The Ridenhour Courage Prize was awarded posthumously to Howard Zinn “for his determination to showcase the hidden heroes of social movements throughout history, his refusal to accept the history of only the powerful and victorious, his steadfast belief in the potential for a better world, his unflinching moral stance on fighting whatever he perceived was wrong in society, his fight to inspire students to believe that together they could make democracy come alive, and, in the words of his former student Alice Walker, ‘his way with resistance.’”

On behalf of his father, Jeff Zinn accepted the award from the Nation Institute and the Fertel Foundation. Bernice Johnson Reagon, SNCC activist and founder of Sweet Honey in the Rock, spoke about the life and work of Howard Zinn as an historian and truth teller.

Hear Jeff Zinn’s talk and read the transcripts of both their presentations here.

The Nation Institute •  April 14, 2010

Tribute to Howard Zinn at Busboys and Poets

Busboys and Poets celebrated the life and work of Howard Zinn in a special tribute featuring Amy Goodman, Ralph Nader, Dave Zirin, Marian Wright Edelman, and many more.

SleptOnTV • February 15, 2010