Speeches and Talks

The Just War

Talks by Howard Zinn and Italian surgeon Dr. Gino Strada. BookTV. May 12, 2006.
On May 12,2006, American historian and activist Howard Zinn and Italian surgeon and author Dr. Gino Strada presented a forum on the theme “The Just War” held at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church.

The Myth of American Exceptionalism • Howard Zinn at MIT

Talk by Howard Zinn. MIT’s Special Program for Urban and Regional Studies. MIT Video Productions. 2005.
Howard Zinn gave an account of American imperialism spanning the last hundred years noting tactics that the U.S. uses, such as extraordinary rendition and shared the various reasons the U.S. goes to war. He ended on a note of hope, reminding us of all of the great social movements this country has had and will likely have again.

The People’s History Project

Talks by Howard Zinn. AK Press. 2004.
A box set of four previous released talks with a 24-page booklet with an introduction by Noam Chomsky and a preface by Arundhati Roy.
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The State of the Union: Notes on an Obama Administration

By Howard Zinn. Book - Speech. Back Bay Books. 2009.
Based on a talk delivered in the weeks following the historic election of Barack Obama, The State of the Union is a sobering look at whether the new president could turn the euphoria of a nation toward enacting the change his supporters had hoped for.
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The Unraveling of the Bush Presidency

By Howard Zinn. Book - Non-fiction. Seven Stories. 2007.
Howard Zinn’s long-awaited telling of these last six years of United States history, a time when catastrophic machinations of war have dictated our foreign and domestic policy, and when voices of resistance have appeared in the unlikeliest places.

The Uses of History and the War on Terrorism

Talk by Howard Zinn. Democracy Now! November 24, 2006.
Howard Zinn recently spoke in Madison, Wisconsin where he was receiving the Haven Center’s Award for Lifetime Contribution to Critical Scholarship. We bring you his lecture, “The Uses of History and the War on Terrorism.”

Three Holy Wars: The Progressive’s 100th Anniversary Conference

Speech give by Howard Zinn. The Progressive 100th Celebration. May 2, 2009.
"Three holy wars. What does that mean? I’m not talking about religious wars. I’m talking about the three wars in American history that are sacrosanct – the three wars that you cannot say anything bad about: The Revolutionary War, the Civil War and World War II."
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Uncommon Sense: From the Writings of Howard Zinn

By Howard Zinn. Book - Non-fiction. Paradigm Publishers. 2009. Selected and introduced by Dean Birkenkamp and Wanda Rhudy.
Quotations on topics topics ranging from government to race, history, law, civil disobedience, and activism.
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