By Robert Cohen. Foreword by Alice Walker • University of Georgia Press, 2018
Robert Cohen presents a historical overview of Howard Zinn’s time at Spelman College as a history professor and advisor to the Atlanta student movement in the early 1960s. This serves as an entrée to Zinn’s diary from his time there. One of the most extensive records of the political climate on a historically Black college in 1960s America, Zinn’s diary offers an in-depth view. It is a fascinating historical document of the free speech, academic freedom, and student rights battles that rocked Spelman and led to Zinn’s dismissal from the college in 1963 for supporting the student movement. [Adapted from the publisher’s description.]

Read the foreword by Alice Walker.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword: What Nurtured My Outrage, Really? • by Alice Walker • p. ix
  • Preface • p. xiii
  • Acknowledgments • p. xvii
  • Mentor to the Movement: Howard Zinn, SNCC, and the Spelman College Freedom Struggle • p. 1
  • Diary Editor’s Note • p. 77
  • Howard Zinn’s Southern Diary • p. 79
  • Epilogue • p. 181
  • Appendix I. “On Liberty at Spelman:’ March 11, 1963 • p. 199
  • Appendix II. Debate on Abolishing the House Committee on Un-American Activities: Howard Zinn’s Opening Statement in Support of Abolition, Emory University, February 11, 1963 • p. 225
  • Notes • p. 237
  • Index • p. 263

Published by University of Georgia Press, 2018.

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