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List of Articles by Howard Zinn

Finishing School for Pickets
The Nation • 08/06/60

SNCC: The Battle-Scarred Youngsters
The Nation • 10/05/63

The Brooklyn Bridge and the Spirit of the Fourth
Boston Globe • 07/04/75

Whom Will We Honor Memorial Day?
Boston Globe  • 06/02/76

Freedom Day in Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Chapter 6 of  You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train • Beacon Press • Sept. 1994; Sept. 2002

Private Ryan Saves War
The Progressive • 10/2/98

On Getting Along
ZCommunications • 3/7/99

Liner Notes to “Fellow Workers” album
Righteous Babe Records • 5/01/99

A Diplomatic Solution
The Progressive • 5/2/99

Whose Atrocity is Bigger?
ZCommunications • 5/25/99

Their Atrocities—and Ours
The Progressive • 7/2/99

Inspire Please…
ZCommunications •  7/16/99

On Rewarding People for Talents and Hard Work
ZCommunications • 11/25/99

Beyond the Soviet Union
ZCommunications • 12/22/99

A Larger Consciousness
ZCommunications • 12/22/99

ZCommunications • 12/22/99

A Flash of Possibility
The Progressive • 1/01/00

Notes for a Gathering
ZCommunications • 1/2/00

Sender Garlin
ZCommunications • 3/9/00

The Heroes Around Us
ZCommunications • 5/7/00

Unsung Heroes
The Progressive • 6/1/00

A Fourth of July Commentary
ZCommunications • 7/4/00

ZCommunications • 8/18/00

Book Review of Karl Marx: A Life
In These Times
• 9/1/00

A Campaign Without Class
ZCommunications • 9/29/00

Tennis on the Titanic
ZCommunications • 12/16/00

McVeigh’s Path to the Death Chamber
Boston Globe • 6/16/01

The Greatest Generation?
The Progressive • 8/1/01

Violence Doesn’t Work
The Progressive • 9/14/01

Operation Enduring War
The Progressive • 3/10/02

A Break-in for Peace
The Progressive • 7/2/02

The Toll of War
The Progressive • 8/8/02

The Case Against War on Iraq
Boston Globe • 8/19/02

What War Looks Like
The Progressive  • 10/10/02

Our Job is a Simple One: Stop Them
The Progressive • 12/01/02

The Others
The Nation • 02/02/02

A Holy Outlaw
The Progressive • 2/3/03

A Kinder, Gentler Patriotism
Newsday • 4/13/03

Humpty Dumpty Will Fall
The Progressive • 8/8/03

An Occupied Country
The Progressive • 10/8/03

The Logic of Withdrawal
The Progressive • 1/1/04

Of Paradise and Power
ZCommunications • 2/9/04

The Ultimate Betrayal to Our Soldiers Would Be to Forget
The Progressive • 4/1/04

Check the Facts Before Rushing to War
News Day • 4/13/04

Opposing the War Party
The Progressive • 5/2/04

Dying for the Government
The Progressive • 6/1/04

What Do We Do Now?
The Progressive • 6/8/04

Dissent at the War Memorial
The Progressive • 8/8/04

Kerry Needs the Courage to Walk Away from Iraq
Miami Herald • 9/16/04

The Optimism of Uncertainty
ZCommunications • 9/30/04; The Nation • 9/20/04

Our War on Terrorism
The Progressive • 11/1/04

Harness That Anger
The Progressive • 1/1/05

Changing Minds, One at a Time
The Progressive • 3/2/05

Against Discouragement
Original Zinn; 2005 Spelman Commencement Speech • 5/15/05

The Scourge of Nationalism
The Progressive • 6/1/05

Don’t Despair About the Supreme Court
The Progressive • 11/8/05

After the War
The Progressive • 1/27/06

Lessons of Iraq War Start with U.S. History
The Progressive • 3/6/06

America’s Blinders
The Progressive • 4/10/06

Put Away the Flags
The Progressive • 7/02/06

War Is Not a Solution for Terrorism
ZCommunications • 9/7/06

Howard Zinn On Civil Disobedience
State of Nature • 01/01/07

Impeachment by the People
The Progressive • 3/7/07

Antiwar Talk at the Boston Commons
ZCommunications • 3/27/07

Are We Politicians or Citizens?
The Progressive • 5/1/07

A Just Cause, Not a Just War
The Progressive • 7/16/07

Let’s Come to Our Senses About the Election
The Progressive • 3/8/08

Election Madness
The Progressive • 3/8/08

What the Classroom Didn’t Teach Me About the American Empire • 4/1/08

Are Hillary and Obama Afraid of Talking About the New Deal?
ZCommunications • 4/2/08

Beyond the New Deal
The Nation • 4/08/08

From Empire to Democracy
The Guardian • 10/3/08

The Obama Difference
The Progressive • 10/7/08

Howard Zinn Defends Studs Terkel from Red-Baiting in the Times
The Progressive • 11/7/08; The Nation • 11/24/08

Spend the Bailout Money on the Middle Class
The Nation • 10/28/08

Remembering Murray Levin
The Monthly Review • 02/01/09

Sacco and Vanzetti
ZCommunications • 3/11/09

Changing Obama’s Mindset
The Progressive •  5/13/09

Untold Truths About the American Revolution
The Progressive • 7/20/09

War and Peace Prizes
The Guardian • 10/10/09

A Marvelous Victory
ZCommunications • 2/1/10

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 Interviews with Howard Zinn

Mergers, Lying Presidents, Activism and Noam Chomsky
Democracy Now! • 12/7/98

‘History as a Political Act’
Interview by Raymond Lotta • Revolutionary Worker • 12/20/98

Zinn and the Art of Liberal Persuasion
Perspective • 3/1/99

American History Review of the 20th Century: Manning Marable and Howard Zinn
Democracy Now! • 12/27/99

The Electoral College and Election 2000: A Historical Perspective from Howard Zinn
Democracy Now! • 12/8/00

Robert Birnbaum Talks with the Author of A People’s History of the United States
Interview by Robert Birnbau • • 1/10/01

Radical History: A Conversation with Howard Zinn
Interviewed by Harry Kreisler • Conversations with History • 4/20/01

Manning Marable, Howard Zinn and Grace Paley Speak Out Against the March to War
Democracy Now! • 9/13/01

The People’s Historian: Howard Zinn
Democracy Now! • 6/21/02

Dissent In Pursuit Of Equality, Life, Liberty And Happiness
Interview by Sharon Basco • Published at • 7/3/02

Interview with Howard Zinn
Interview by Amir Butler • Published at A True Word • 10/28/02

Zinn on Growing Up, Objectivity, Bombing, Media, Genocide, and Propaganda
Interview by David Barsamian • ZCommunications • 11/1/02

Over 600 Gather for the Funeral of Legendary Anti-War Activist Philip Berrigan
Democracy Now! • 12/10/02

Zinn on Iraq and Other Pressing Matters
Interview by Bill Moyers • NOW With Bill Moyers • 1/10/03

A People’s History of the United States: 1,000,000 Copies and Counting
Democracy Now! • 2/25/03

A Few Words with Howard Zinn
Interviewed by Michael Pozo • St.  John’s University Humanities Review • 3/1/03

War is the Health of the State
Interview by Paul Glavin and Chuck Morse • Perspectives on Anarchist Theory • 3/22/03

Howard Zinn – You Can’t Be Neutral on a Moving Train
Interview by Dean Lawrence R. Velvel • Books of Our Time • 11/11/03

Duty of Expression: Thom Yorke and Howard Zinn Debate the Artist’s Role in Saving the World
Interview by Sarah Burton • Resonance Magazine • 11/23/03

Another McCarthy Era
Interview by Steven Rosenfeld • • 12/02/03

American Amnesia Interviews Howard Zinn
American Amnesia • 02/08/04

‘The Human Reality of War Changed My Life’
Interview by Pedro de la Hoz • La Habana • 05/07/04

‘Marx Is Not Dead’
Interview by M.H. Lagarde • La Habana • 05/08/04

Rise Like Lions: The Role Of Artists In A Time Of War
Interview by David Barsamian • The Sun • 07/01/04

Candidates Not Addressing “Fundamental Issues of American Policy in the World”
Democracy Now! • 10/14/04

Questions for Howard Zinn: The People’s Historian
Interview by Joshua Glenn • The Boston Globe • 11/14/04

HREA Director Interviews Historian Howard Zinn
Interview by Felisa Tibbitts • Human Rights Education Association • 01/05/05

“Bush Represents Everything That Martin Luther King Opposed”
Democracy Now! • 01/20/05

Critical Thinking
International Socialist Review  • 06/02/76

‘An Amazing David and Goliath Story’
Interview by Catherine Murphy • • 3/15/05

“To Be Neutral, To Be Passive In A Situation Is To Collaborate With Whatever Is Going On”
Democracy Now! • 4/27/05

An Interview with Howard Zinn
Interview by Shelly R. Fredman • ZCommunications • 5/22/06

Zinn Speaks
By Wajajat Ali • Counterpunch • 4/19/08

Howard Zinn’s Personal Philosophy
Interview by BigThink • 5/8/08

Howard Zinn on U.S. Presidential Candidates
Interview by BigThink • 5/8/08

Howard Zinn on Race in America
Interview by BigThink • 5/8/08

Learning From World War II
Interview by BigThink • 5/8/08

Howard Zinn on Iraq: Advice for the Next U.S. President
Interview by BigThink • 5/8/08

Howard Zinn on the Limitations of American History Books
Interview by BigThink • 5/8/08

Howard Zinn on the World Today
Interview by BigThink • 5/8/08

Rebels Against Tyranny: An Interview with Howard Zinn on Anarchism
Interview by Žiga Vodovnik • CounterPunch • 05/12/08

Howard Zinn on Democracy in America
Interview by BigThink • 07/05/08

The Legacy of Howard Zinn
Interview by BigThink • 07/05/08

Howard Zinn’s Advice to Obama
Interview by Rob Kall • OpEd News • 08/28/08

The Citizens Among Us
Interview by Gabriel Matthew Schivone • ZCommunications • 05/08/08

U.S. ‘In Need of Rebellion’
Al Jazeera • 09/13/08

Our Interview with the People’s Historian, Howard Zinn
The Boulder Weekly • 10/02/08

‘Election Day Will Not Be Enough’: An Interview with Howard Zinn
Interview by Jessica Lee and John Tarleton • Indypendent • 11/14/08

Oral history interview with the Brooklyn Historical Society
Interview by Daniella Romano • 12/08/08
See also: Video clip from interview, “Howard Zinn Describes Work in the Navy Yards

‘You have to go beyond capitalism’
Interview by Dave Zirin • International Socialist Review • 05/02/09

‘I Wish Obama Would Listen to MLK’
Democracy Now! • 5/13/09

Howard Zinn on Obama
TV Without Borders (TVXS) • 5/30/09

Howard Zinn: Interview by Bill Moyers
Bill Moyers Journal • 12/11/09

‘One Long Struggle for Justice’
Interview by Bill Bigelow • Author on Air • January 19, 2010

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