Staughton Lynd

Staughton Lynd — “Long Distance Runner for Justice”

Staughton Lynd speaks with Freedom School teachers in Ohio. Photo: Herbert Randall. |

Nov. 22 marks the birthday of Staughton Lynd, longtime friend of Howard Zinn. They both taught at Spelman College and can be described as long-distance runners for justice.
“I have admired [Lynd] enormously ever since I first met him,” Zinn wrote shortly before his death, because he is an “exemplar of strength and gentleness in the quest for a better world.” Read more about Lynd in this tribute by Andy Piascik.

‘Howard Zinn, Presente’ by Staughton Lynd

Staughton Lynd |

The following essay was presented at the Howard Zinn Read-In held at Purdue University on November 5, 2013. This is a condensed version of a chapter on Zinn in the book, On Doing History from the Bottom Up (Haymarket Books, 2014). ____________________________________ If you are like me, and I think you are, you may be …