Letter from Pete Seeger | Feb. 6, 2006

Letter to Zinn from Pete Seeger | Howard Zinn Website

We share this letter from the Howard Zinn Papers, housed at New York University’s Tamiment Library. Pete Seeger wrote to Zinn in 2006, asking for a book recommendation on Rutherford B. Hayes. The letter reads:

Dear Howard — I’m sure you are busy, so I enclosed a self-addressed card. For decades I assumed that Rutherford B. Hayes was our worst president, because he withdrew Federal troops + let the KKK take over the south. But I recently read that he (near the end of his life, I guess) said[,] “Face it, the government is now run by corporations for corporations.”

Where can I find a good book about him? Did he ever write his memoirs?

Hoping you can help me[.]


Pete Seeger

Feb. 6, 2006
Box 431
Beacon NY