Howard Zinn Guest Editorial (1968): “Refuse to play the game of silence in the midst of murder”

In this editorial, Howard Zinn nominates Eartha Kitt for Woman of the Year and Dr. Benjamin Spock for Man of the Year because “both refused to play the game” by speaking out against the Vietnam War.


We’ve become fanatic about the word communist and this is part of the game. It’s the game that nations have played all through history with people killing one another each 10 or 12 years because the men in power tell us that the Catholic or the Huns or the Jews or the communists are about to take over the world. And I think the game will go on, and our children and our grandchildren will suffer from it unless we do like Eartha and break through the hypocritical silence, until we do like Dr. Spock and say, “It is right to refuse to fight in an unjust war. I don’t want to play that game.”

Original broadcast on “What’s Happening Mr. Silver?” on WGBH Boston.