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Howard Zinn Describes Work in the Navy Yards

Interviewed by Daniella Romano • Brooklyn Navy Yard Archive • December 8, 2008
In this interview, Zinn shares detailed memories about growing up in Brooklyn, working as an apprentice shipfitter in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, helping to organize an apprentice shipfitter association, organizing a winning basketball team, and his first date with his future wife.

History Detectives: Howard Zinn on the Lawrence Textile Strike

screenshot of studio interview Interviewed by Elyse Luray, PBS History Detectives • 2006
Elyse Luray: So why was there this renewed interest in the strike? Howard Zinn: I think that the movements of the 1960s, of Black people in the South, of women, of people all over the country working against the war in Vietnam, of disabled people, there arose out of those movements, a greater interest in history that had been neglected in the orthodox teachings of the past. I think as part of that new interest in people's history, we began to get more interest in labor history, and therefore in the history of the Lawrence Strike.

Shall the House Committee on Un-American Activities Be Abolished?

On February 11, 1963 at Emory University, Howard Zinn participated in a debate with Fulton Lewis III, a journalist and member of the House Un-American Activities Committee on the question of “Shall the House Committee on Un-American Activities Be Abolished?” Zinn noted this in his diary and the two-and-half hour event was recorded.…