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One new title, Zinn on Race, together with the second editions of Zinn on History and Zinn on War, make up this beautiful trio of books from the late Howard Zinn.

Buy two of the three new Howard Zinn books and receive a free Readings from Voices of a People's History CD. Offer available through Dec 31st, 2011. Send a proof of purchase from any online retailer or to to retrieve your free CD.

For more details visit the book pages at Seven Stories:

On War

On History

On Race

Please join Voices of a People's History
for a free screening of Howard Zinn's film


as part of the new Chicago Voices pilot project
with a free Educators Toolkit giveaway

Thursday, October 13, 2011
6:00 - 8:00pm

Jane Addams Hull-House Museum
The University of Illinois at Chicago
800 S. Halsted (M/C 051)
Chicago, IL 60607

Free and open to the public.

Directions to the museum:

A screening of THE PEOPLE SPEAK (110 min) will be introduced by Chicago Voices project director Mariah Neuroth and poet, educator and activist Kevin Coval of Louder Than A Bomb: The Chicago Youth Poetry Festival, immediately followed by an opportunity for educators to sign up for and receive on the spot the free Chicago Voices Educators Toolkit.

There are no tickets. Seating is general admission: first come, first seated.

Event details below and here:

After the screening, Chicago area public school teachers and community educators can pick up the free Chicago Voices Educators Toolkit, which includes a DVD of the film The People Speak, a preloaded 2GB carabiner USB flash drive with lesson plans, books, teaching guides, articles, and other multimedia materials for the classroom, all packaged in a cotton tote bag.

To learn more about what's in the Chicago Voices Educators Toolkit, who's eligible for a toolkit, and how to get yours, please visit:

To sign up online IN ADVANCE for the Chicago Voices Educators Toolkit, please visit:

Only one toolkit per educator and if you sign up in advance, we'll ask you for identification when you pick it up on October 13 after the screening. You can also pick up a toolkit at other Chicago Voices events throughout the year.

The People Speak is inspired by Howard Zinn's books A People's History of the United States - first published in 1980 and one of the bestselling history books in the United States - and the companion primary source anthology, Voices of a People's History of the United States, edited with Anthony Arnove.

This beautiful and moving film features the actual words (in letters, songs, poems, speeches, and manifestoes) of rebels, dissenters and visionaries from our past - and present. These dramatic moments in U.S. history are brought to life by a group of remarkable musicians and actors, including Matt Damon, Marisa Tomei, Danny Glover, Josh Brolin, Rosario Dawson, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, John Legend, Lupe Fiasco, Kerry Washington, David Strathairn,and many more.

The film had its broadcast premiere on The History Channel in December 2009, to critical acclaim:
"Striking, exhilaratingŠthe performances are thrilling." -Los Angeles Times
"Works beautifullyŠEach passionate reading flows out of the previous one." -Boston Globe
"A terrifically educational and entertaining film for all ages." -Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

During the 2011-2012 school year, the Chicago Voices pilot project will bring free educational resources; public performing arts programming; free documentary film screenings; and, professional development workshops to educators and students in Chicago area public schools and in community and education organizations across the city.

The Chicago Voices project is sponsored by Lannan Foundation (, a family foundation established in Chicago in 1960, now based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Voices of a People's History:

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The People Speak:

Howard Zinn (1922-2010), Voices a People's History co-founder:

Louder Than A Bomb: The Chicago Youth Poetry Festival

Kevin Coval

Jane Addams Hull-House Museum

"The People Speak" -- Monday, July 25, 7:30 PM

with a special introduction by Dave Zirin (

SOS Film Festival - ALL FILMS @ 7:30 PM - TICKETS $10

Tickets will be available at the door -- cash only -- or can be preordered at this link:

Ticket proceeds will be shared with the filmmakers and go towards the cost of this event.

THE PEOPLE SPEAK ( is inspired by Howard Zinn's groundbreaking books "A People's History of the United States" and "Voices of a People's History of the United States." Using dramatic and musical performances of the letters, diaries and speeches of everyday Americans, the documentary feature film THE PEOPLE SPEAK gives voice to those who spoke up for social change throughout U.S. history, forging a nation from the bottom up with their insistence on equality and justice.

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Save Our Schools National March & Call to Action

As teachers, parents, and concerned community members, we urgently need better schools. We also know that the improvement we seek will never be realized without our input. For our children's sake, we are organizing to reclaim our right to determine how our children will be educated. For our future's sake, we are organizing to revitalize an education system that, for too many children, focuses more on test preparation than actual education. We demand a humane, empowering education for every child in America.


TUESDAY, JULY 26, 2011

Performed by Brian Jones

“Don’t you wonder: why is it necessary to declare me dead again and again?” This is the question posed by Karl Marx in Howard Zinn's witty and insightful “play on history.” In this one-man performance, history's most famous and oft-misrepresented radical is resurrected after agitating with the authorities of the afterlife to clear his name. Through a bureaucratic error, however, Marx lands in modern-day Soho, New York, rather than his old stomping ground in London, to make his case. Hilarity ensues.

For more information about the play and Brian Jones, visit

A benefit performance for Haymarket Books 10th Anniversary (Join us for a party with Amy Goodman to celebrate at Galapagos Art Space on September 30th!)

TICKETS: $15/$10

Buy tickets now for Marx in Soho, July 26:

Haymarket Books Tenth Anniversary celebration, September 30, with Amy Goodman:

Howard Zinn and Brian Jones

Debs Award Recipient: Danny Glover

Glover has been a commanding presence on screen, stage and television for more than 25 years, also a political activist for human rights and worker rights in the U.S. and Africa.

Tickets are $40, $20 for persons K-12 and college. To order call 812-237-3443.

Howard Zinn was honored with the award in 1998.

As the Debs Foundation wrote in its Spring 2010 newsletter:

Howard was honored with the Eugene V. Debs Award in 1998. He died January 27, this year. He had been a contributor to The Progressive for many years. The magazine put together a three-page tribute to Howard Zinn in its March issue titled "Distilled Zinn." It included excerpts from Zinn's essays in the magazine from 1998 until 2009. Zinn's comment on Eugene Debs from January 1999 is worth repeating here:

"We are always in need of radicals who are also loveable. Debs was what every socialist or anarchist or radical should be: fierce in his convictions, kind and compassionate in his personal relations."

We think this is an apt portrayal also of the Howard Zinn we saw the day he was honored with the Debs Award.